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Rosie is a Texas Heeler (1/2 Australian Shepherd, 1/2 Blue Heeler) that belongs to D&L's owners, the Sallers.  She loves to greet everyone by laying on her back expecting a belly rub. She loves to carry a toy around the house wherever she goes, one of her current favorites is the Fluff & Tuff Trout.  Rosie loves to chew on the Himalyan Chews and receives Fromm Crunchy Oh's as a reward for sitting, staying, and going to her place in the house. Blueberry Blast is her favorite flavor. Rosie is a bit anxious at times and benefits from the PetRelief edibites when there are visitors coming to the house or when she goes to a babysitter while her family is out of town.  Rosie also enjoys her daily Greenies for dental health and Frontline has worked great to prevent fleas and ticks. On special occasions Rosie loves the Honest Kitchen Pour Overs!! She thrives on the D&L Prime Canine Pork & Catfish dog food.