Vetericyn Plus Hot Spot Spray, 8 oz

Vetericyn Plus Hot Spot Spray, 8 oz

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Vetericyn Plus Hot Spot Spray cleans, soothes, and relieves itchy, irritated skin affected by hot spots. The fast-acting spray provides quick relief to minimize your pet’s discomfort and helps decrease scratching, licking, and biting. Speed up healing by using the spray as needed to keep the area clean, provide relief, and lower the chances of potential infection.

Simply put, hot spots form when your pet itches, scratches or licks themselves excessively in the same area, thus preventing it from healing completely. Vetericyn Plus® Hot Spot Spray cleans and provides relief to itchy, irritated skin and sores, helping to minimize the animal’s discomfort and reduce their need to lick, bite or scratch the area. It won’t sting or burn and is safe to use on sensitive or problematic skin. Use Vetericyn Plus® Hot Spot Spray as topical relief and keep those hot spots in check! Features Non-irritating & promotes healthy tissue Non-toxic, safe if licked or ingested Safe for all animal skin types at all life stages No alcohol, steroids or antibiotics Cannot be over used Uses Hot spots Relief for irritated skin from biting scratching, chewing, and licking Moist dermatitis or “summer sores” Itchy skin Lesions